Experimental, eccentric,

100 Thoughts of Lucy Quieter

discusses life and love and philosophy often with her friend Sally Quitter and sometime-boyfriend Fanis Fatjohn. The collection continues with Lucy Quieter's thoughts on Love and Lust and is followed by her thoughts on Ageing and Death. The genre is mixed media, beginning with a double acrostic. the remainder of the work being poetic prose in lists of thoughts.

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(from 100 Thoughts of Lucy Quieter)


After Robert Desnos


1   Lucy Quieter cried black tears for years & bears until they become polar white.


2    Alack, a black column of ants, swirl & scurry, form(ic) in her brain in the slack rain.


3   A strict vegan she ticks off others; every / mother / sister / brother / father.


4   To assuage one’s conscience it is better to be the calf in the cage than the butcher. Rhadamanthus will judge the man.


5   The butcher, says Lucy Quieter, will have to pay penance for his butchery in the mephitic stench of purgatory & tell his story to crestfallen angels for infinitude on Ixion’s wheel.


6   Loss lances through her when she glances at photos of dead animals / family / friends.


7   Lucy Quieter knows that friendships have a time & place, are fragile & fragmented, demented agile Wednesday people.


8   Fed up with shrivelled people / shrunken kids, she skids away.


 9   If on a windy day her chiffon scarf sheathes around the yard, she cries silk tears.


10  Lucy Quieter marinates her sorrows, borrows the gin from Hogarth’s Lane.