Dusking Through Waves, my first short story collection, is now published.

Extracts from Crossing the Line on the High Window website:

My new collection of Poetry and Art, Crossing the Line is published in March 2021

My poem In Highgate Woods is published in Refelcted Light, a Grey Hen anthology

2 poems have been accepted for the 2021 Heron Clan anthology


Two new poems accepted by Agenda

My short story Possession is on


My new collection 'Realigned Landscapes' was published in April 2020

My new collection 'Shipwrecked' was published in March 2020

Great review by Rowena Sommerville for The High Window Press:

A new short story of mine on Horla: Missing June 2020

I read your story "Missing" in Horla, and enjoyed it thoroughly. The art of the short story is based in part on parsimony: you have, in a short space, created a fascinating scenario that touches on the everyday paranormal. I like how we know enough and no more, which is always a good place to leave off in a horror story. An excellent little bit of the bizarre, and I really enjoyed reading it! Andrew L. Hodges

Excerpt from Bewildering Stories web site

I have been placed 3rd in the Pre-Raphaelite Poetry Competition with 'The Order of Release'.

3 of my bewildering poems are to be published on 'Bewildering Stories' website.

Agenda has accepted my poem 'Cherchez Le Mot Juste' for the Anglo / French edition  Spring 2020      


Big News: Long listed for the National Poetry Competition 2018 out of 14,000 entries. 

My Three Poems for Pessoa are now on:…/Ekphrastic-Web-Supplement-1… Page 47

Black Bough have published my poem A Windswept Beach

and have accepted GRAVITY for Issue 2

The Ekphrastic Review have published by sonnet corona: The Noble Working Men: The Navvies in their February 2019 edition.

Grey Hen Press have accepted 'In Highgate Woods' for a future anthology.


Three of my paintings have been accepted by Three Drops in a Cauldron for future issues, May and August 2019 and Riglwelter Press has accepted a painting for Summer 2019


My poem 'The Improbable Pre-Raphaelite' won 3rd place in the 2018 Pre-Raphaelite competition and was published in the PRReview in 2019

My first full poetry collection, 'JankyTuk Tuks' was published by The High Window Press November 2018

Review of Clockworm on Horla Jan 2019

Red Poets have accepted my poem 'Walking' for their 2019 issue

Fluellen have accepted my new play 'Crows Caw in Cwmdonkin Park' and a second play 'The Colour of Words' about the friendship between Dylan Thomas and Lawrence Durrell.

My poem 'Birds' has been published by Dawn Treader


My poem 'Not Such a Clanky Jeep' has been published in the autumn/winter issue of The High Window 

My poem 'Rain' has been published by Three Drops Press

My short story 'Possession' is published with Horla

My poem 'In Highgate Woods' is published in Red Poets 2018

I won the Poet in residence commendation in the Pre-Raphaelite Prize with 'The Seeds and Fruit of English Poetry' which is published in the Pre-Raphaelite Review

My poem Twelve Ugandan Women was commended in the Grey Hen competition. 2018

Crannog, Ireland have recently published 'Dusking Through Waves' 

My short story 'The Open Window' is published with Horla


My poem 'Words Roost' is published in The Journal

First prize in The Kathleen Frowd Award for Poetry for my poem 'Sesquipedalian',
First prize in the Ken Bruford Award for Light Verse for my poem 'The Highway Code of India'
First prize in The President's Award for Short Story for my story 'The Open Window',
Long listed for the Cinnamon collection with my India/African poems....



My collection An Italian Afternoon is nominated as one of the pamphlet choices in the winter selection of the Poetry Book Society

Fairlight books Author of the month




5 poems accepted for publication by Sarasvati Magazine

My short story Crows Caw in Cwmdonkin Park is now live on the inaugural issue of Fairlight Books and is story of the week September 11th 2017.

A great interview with me in Wales Arts Review by Jo Mazelis.

THE NAVVIES: First prize winner in Pre-Raphaelite Prize 2016 and is published in The Pre-Raphaelite Society Review Spring 2017

Poetry Ireland Review published my poem 'I See Her' in the current issue. Spring 2017. It is on the first page!!!

Treading on Eggshells, an open field poem accepted by Red Poets for 2017

Nocturne on a Greek Balcony accepted for Cold Weather Shelter Anthology by Camden and Lumen publications. CWS 2017

THE GULL Issue 2 published two of my Italian poems:

Ghosting, Mindshift and A Ghost of You in Agenda Magazine's issue: Power of Poetry Spring 2017


My short story, Clara, won 3rd prize in the Llanelli Writer's Group prize 2016


Congratulations!  You have been selected as an International Merit Award winner in the Poetry 2015 International Poetry Competition. Your poetry was judged to be on a world-class level in a remarkable international field. From Iceland to Indonesia, New York to New Zealand, Poetry 2015 was truly a global celebration of the art of poetry. As an International Merit Award winner, your name will appear on a page of honor in the Fall Contest Issue. You will receive a  free copy of this issue. And, although this manuscript was not selected for a publication prize this year, your chances in the future will :clearly be excellent. We look forward to hearing from you again! (Also won in 2016)

My short story NGOZI was long listed for the Ink Tears competition. 2017

Four poems published by Tiger's Eye, Denver, Colorado. 2016

​Two poems, 'The Uffizi, Florence' and 'Solitude in Sipicciano' published on Agenda Website, May 2016 

My story NGOZI was Seren's short story of the month in January 2016



My collage of prose and poetry, 'I Address You' was highly commended by Liquorice Fish. 2015

On Cliff-Top Walks was chosen for the Poetry Space Showcase 2015. – "The poem is taut and builds up an emotional tension"

My Villanelle 'I Bask in your Disdain' was published in  Envoi Spring 2016

My poem 'Blackberry Picking in Sipicciano' was published on the following website:

and in their Winter Showcase Journal:
'A gentle poem that took me with its author on a slow and unplanned walk where dusty countryside contrasts vividly with succulent berries.' Di Coffey Editor

First place winner of the Allen Raine Short Story Competition 2015 with my story 'Crows Caw in Cwmdonkin Park'. 


My book 'After the Silent Phone Call' was Book of the Month on the Poetry Kit website. August 2015

A review by Jim Bennet says

In this latest publication in the Poetry Salzburg Pamphlet Series the publisher has again selected a poet with outstanding individual voice.  In these poems Holborow identifies and evokes the solitary world we all inhabit at times, and show a life in Wales being overtaken with a new life in Greece. The collection turns on the poem Augury where we see the narrator move to Corfu and identify herself as an exile as she begins to explore Greece through its myths and the modern day life in her new home.  These are poems beautifully crafted in an open accessible style with a strong feeling for place but a timelessness as she explores love and loss.  There is a sense of isolation and loneliness in these poems that puts them  under a microscope of close personal experience.

Outstanding poems – After the Silent Phone Call, Chameleon, When You Chance Upon, Threads